Our Team


Michael Staal


Michael is the Managing Director of ABC and a Board Member of the Vertical Horizonz Group.  

Michael holds Masters Degrees in Education Leadership and Vocational Education, Bachelor degrees in Science and Education, Diplomas in Project Management, Business, Training and Assessment and Management.  

Nathan has over 10 years experience in the VET sector across many different roles.

With strong practical experience in strategic and operational planning, business growth and leadership, Nathan has a proven record of having managed and led large teams across the educational sector.

Adrian Van Ravels

Senior Trainer / Assessor

Mark Hewitt

Trainer / Assessor

Max Tan

Business Development

Allan Hicks

Senior Pathology & Lab Trainer

Sharyn Morgan

Trainer / Assessor 

Andrew Carney

Trainer / Assessor

John Reid

Commercial Manager

Tim Mc Carthy

Business Development

Tim Mc Carthy

Business Development

Dean Olzard

Trainer / Assessor

Alan Pargeter

Trainer / Assessor

Sam Hindson

Administration Manager 

Kevin Fenn

Schools Trainer & Assessor

Thomas Giles

Trainer / Assessor

Aleisha Allen

Program Coordinator

Alescia Nichols

Trainer / Assessor

Sandra Brown

Administration Officer

Jacquie Arlow

Manager - Schools

Lea Green

Product Manager